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Teacher Training List


  1. Why Evangelize Children? 
    Six reasons are discussed in this inspirational devotional 

  2. Helping Children to Understand Salvation
    This course covers what is the message of salvation and how to share with a child

  3. Inside - Outside
    Helping your church to become more effective in reaching your neighborhood for Christ

Child Study

  1. Understanding Children
    All children are the same in many ways, but what are the key similarities?

  2. Age & Group Characteristics
    Discover the mental, physical, social and spiritual differences of preschool children through those in their early teenage years

Teaching God's Word

  1. Teachers That Touch Lives
    What does it take to be the kind of teacher that touches lives for eternity? 

  2. Bible Lesson Prep
    Practical ideas to help you prepare to teach a Bible lesson to the children

  3. Drawing in the Net
    How to give a salvation invitation; it's not too early!

Class Hour

  1. Singing - Music With A Message
    How do I utilize music to teach children?

  2. Missions for Children
    The next Billy Graham might be sitting in your class. God could call His young ones onto the field someday

  3. Children Love Games
    How to enhance the learning of children in a fun way


  1. Basic Steps to Maturity
    How to teach new Christians

  2. Discovering God's Will

  3. Victory Through Christ
    Helping a child find victory through Christ in life's everyday temptations and struggles

  4. Teaching Doctrine to Children

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